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Cyclical Stock: What It Is, Examples, Risk and Return Potential

It could change everything from heavy industries to home entertainment. With Nokia assuming a central position, there’s no telling where this stock might go. The traditional talking heads don’t know what to make of Tesla. All the while, this stock has continued improving on its monster year.

  • For investing in cyclical stocks, price-to-book multiples are better to use than the P/E.
  • In a growing economy, cyclicals can have higher than average gains, making them an attractive, yet more risky and time-consuming, investment.
  • Investors seeking long-term growth with managed volatility tend to balance their portfolios with a mix of cyclical stocks and defensive stocks.
  • Utilities companies — for example, French nuclear power supplier EDF or telecoms providers such as Comcast — are similarly relatively unaffected by wider economic conditions.
  • Some indicators to watch are a flattening yield curve and a levelling off of industrial production.

The 12-month median price forecast for Costco stock is at $570. In the first half of 2022, consumer stock witnessed a loss of $1.8 trillion in market value due to high inflation and continuous interest rate hikes, as reported by Bloomberg. The S&P 500 Consumer Discretionary Index is also down 30.19% year-to-date. However, consumer spending grew by 0.6% in September despite inflationary pressures, according to the Commerce Department’s data. Luke Tilley, Chief Economist at Wilmington Trust, talked about ongoing consumer trends in his interview with Wall Street Journal this October. He said that consumer spending increased due to fiscal stimulus given during the pandemic.

Lowe’s Companies, Inc. (NYSE:LOW)

Ultimately, the performance of cyclical stocks depends on the economic situation in each country and in which land the company predominantly operates. For example, as a large chunk of US production is manufactured in China; therefore commodity prices are closely tied also to China’s economy. Real estate is primarily affected by consumer spending power and economic conditions. Investors tend to invest in the REIT sector when they see prices going down, and buyers feel encouraged to buy when the economy is doing well. Therefore, the overall health of the economy plays a crucial role.

Deep discount store stocks, such as Ross Stores, are a classic beneficiary of tough economic conditions. Reduced disposable income means that consumers tend to opt for the cheapest possible options for consumer staples such as clothes, groceries and other fast-moving consumer goods. As a result, these businesses tend to see footfall increase during recessions, alongside share price increases accordingly.

While these are tangible concerns, none is particularly worrisome for long-term investors or a threat to Coca-Cola’s growth strategy. Conversely, when economic activity is low and unemployment is rife, both people and companies tend to save money rather than borrow it, leading to a slowdown in banks’ businesses. Central banks are often known to lower interest rates in line with inflation targets, which further reduces banks’ profit margins.

  • Automobile repair is a good example of an industry whose services are more required than usual during economic downturns.
  • Therefore, the overall health of the economy plays a crucial role.
  • Cyclical stocks are viewed as more volatile than noncyclical or defensive stocks, which tend to be more stable during periods of economic weakness.
  • Other economists have warned of increased pressure on the American consumer in the coming quarter, which could serve as a major headwind for stocks.
  • These are essential commodities and are considered a defensive tactic because investors will still generate returns, even in an economic trough.
  • So are companies in discretionary spending categories such as restaurants and entertainment.

In all the time I’ve been trading, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a market like this. But some of the best stocks in this sector have found new ways to cope. According to the what is the ism chairman of United Airlines, the U.S. airline industry will need to shrink by half to survive. If you look at something like travel, that recovery is still a long way off.

First of all, cyclicals tend to have high beta values, usually higher than 1, so for example, if the beta value is 1.5 and the market falls by 10%, the stock is likely to fall by 15%. Moreover, as cyclical businesses rely heavily on increased consumption to drive profits and revenues, in the worst-case scenario these firms may even go bankrupt. For example, the retail industry (e.g. clothing) is well-known for being seasonal, as consumer demand regularly spikes around the holidays. It really doesn’t matter whether or not a stock is cyclical for short-term trading. Unlike investors, you’re looking for patterns in the stock’s movement over a day. Delivery has been key to the restaurant industry’s survival.

However, with almost all pandemic-related restrictions lifted, more people are traveling these days, especially those with the added flexibility of working remotely. This travel tailwind should continue to benefit Expedia in 2022 even if the economy slows. Cyclical stocks tend to move up and down in value alongside the market. On the other hand, regardless of one’s employment or the state of the economy. People still need to have water and electricity on in their homes. That means people will still pay their utility bills (for the most part), even when they begin to struggle financially, making it non-cyclical.

Consumer Cyclical Stocks: Coca-Cola (KO)

The e-commerce group sells a wide range of products for dogs, cats, birds, fish, horses, and reptiles forex volatility indicator as well as pet insurance. Chewy has grown almost 15% YOY to 20.4 million active customers.

A beta value above one means the stock is more volatile than the market, suggesting that it may generate higher returns in positive economic times and lose more during downturns than the market benchmark. A beta value above one is a strong indicator that a stock is cyclical. If the stock has a beta value of below one, then it probably won’t be counted as cyclical and is considered to be less volatile than the market average. During times of prosperity, travel stocks generate higher revenues since consumers can spare extra budget on non-essentials like travel.

The Difference Between Cyclical vs. Non-Cyclical Stocks

However, some industries were less affected by the sudden wave of unemployment, decreased consumer spending, and lockdowns. Whereas sectors like physical retail and airlines were severely affected, areas like healthcare or online businesses remained relatively unaffected. Hotels, restaurants, bars, and other leisure activities providers also often struggle during an economic downturn as people have less money to spend on such extra activities. For example, the hospitality industry took a massive hit during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 and is unlikely to make a full recovery any time soon. There are, however, some winners in the market whose stocks are worth investing in, for example, hotel chains that accommodate business travelers. In contrast, consumer spending on discretionary items is up during an economic boom, so cyclical stocks are also prospering and growing.

Some types of businesses aren’t affected much by economic cycles. The stocks of these companies are non-cyclical and are known as short selling strategies defensive stocks or recession-proof investments. They tend to perform similarly during both economic contractions and expansions.

Cyclical Stocks

Some investors might even do so for big purchases, to pay for a child’s education, pay off debt, etc. Knowing the differences and distinctions between cyclical and non-cyclical stocks is key to creating a balanced portfolio. If the overall consumer purchasing power decreases, fewer people will buy the items in the industries that offer non-essential products or services. Secondly, they tend to have more volatile earnings per share or EPS, as earnings fluctuate in economic cycles. For example, industries with exposure to construction exhibit higher betas (and cyclicality) as consumers are more likely to purchase new homes in periods of strong economic growth.

Investors may find opportunities in cyclical stocks hard to predict because of the correlation they have to the economy. Since it’s hard to predict the ups and downs of the economic cycle, it’s tricky to guess how well a cyclical stock will do. Costco Wholesale Corp. (COST) is a good example of a consumer staple stock. Costco makes most of its money from membership premiums, and in down markets, most people keep their Costco memberships to acquire discounted food, clothes, and other products.

Best Online Brokers for Consumer Cyclical Stock

You should also be familiar with risk-management strategies​​ when trading on any type of cyclical stock, as these tend to be more volatile and can result in larger losses. Travel, particularly airlines, as well as hospitality (such as hotels and restaurants), are typical examples of non-durable consumer cyclical industries. During economic downturns, consumers are more likely to take fewer holidays and tend to spend less on them.

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