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What Is Facilitation? A Definition and Overview

Facilitation is important in any process that requires people to work together to come up with a desired result without being bound by the constraints of hierarchical structure. Bringing facilitation methods into a meeting with a client or inviting stakeholders into a discovery workshop are just some of the ways in which facilitation can help you be a more effective consultant. All these individuals work in the service of a group or an individual and hope to help them solve problems, often empowering people to make changes themselves.

What does facilitation mean

Therefore, everything the facilitator does should be aimed at encouraging the participants to share their contributions, while at the same time ensuring that the session does not degenerate into a meaningless discussion. You might facilitate a meeting in the day and then moderate a conversation between your disputing neighbours in the evening! I’ve even heard of facilitators using dot voting to decide on what to have for dinner or idea generation methods to help their family choose where to go on holiday. Sometimes this is in a specific format, such as running a kickoff workshop at work.

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Once you allocate the time for each activity, you also need to ensure that the time allocations are followed, else the time will run out before the objectives for the session have been achieved. The good thing about establishing boundaries is that you are in a better position to notice when the participants veer of the track and bring them back to ensure that the desired agile team facilitation outcome is achieved within the available time. You also need to make sure the participants understand that your role in the process is only to facilitate, not to push your own agenda. But here is the thing about conflict at the workplace – it can either be destructive, or it can be channelled creative to come up with innovative process, products and solutions.

  • This allows you to build an effective workshop plan that delivers the desired outcome in an effective and engaging way.
  • If things begin to go off the rails or a change feels necessary at any stage, check back against your goal and consider how you might best achieve your chosen outcome.
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  • Whether you use those skills to energize your team and improve collaboration, or to pave the way for a senior and/or strategic role, facilitation adds huge value — to both your day-to-day design practice and your career progression.
  • A facilitator is a person who helps a group of people to work together better, understand their common objectives, and plan how to achieve these objectives, during meetings or discussions.
  • They originally served disabled teens who were transitioning into adulthood.

Finding that sweet spot between preparation and flexibility takes practice, but it’s an important job that you can prepare for by following the other principles of facilitation featured in this section. A facilitator must be able to keep the training or meeting focused toward achieving the outcome identified beforehand. A facilitator should be able to “walk a mile in another’s shoes” to understand the learners’ or team members’ feelings. The US plans to set up a “commercial issues working group” to help resolve trade differences with China more successfully than in the past. “This is the beginning of a new approach,” US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo told reporters. “The US-Chinese relationship is too consequential and we can’t drift to a place of greater conflict.”

Be Sensitive to Individual and Group Feelings

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What does facilitation mean

Neutrality in facilitation is all about enabling group members to have discussions and explore possible solutions while not providing the answers or becoming invested in a particular option yourself. A facilitator is not present to prescribe a solution or favour certain voices or ideas. Designing a meeting process, holding community discussions, mediating conflict, working as a leader… there’s no shortage of scenarios where facilitation is a vital and transformative skill.

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Other times, its an ad-hoc process of enabling better collaboration by simply thinking like a facilitator. See our post on exploring the concept of teacher as a facilitator for more insights and tips on bringing facilitation into the classroom. Traditional seminars and lessons likely won’t go away, but there’s plenty of benefits to bringing facilitation into your teaching practice. Approaching a situation with a facilitation mindset can be transformative and impactful, even if you’re not squarely occupying the role of facilitator. These changes can be dramatic, such as better organization and ideation when working on complex projects.

Facilitation is an important skill, and as the modern workplace continues becoming more diverse and more competitive, the importance of this skill will only keep increasing. For instance, if the group is bored, try to bring in some engaging activities or humour to bring up group energy. Aside from being sensitive to the feelings of the individual participants, you should also be sensitive to the group chemistry.

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Today, there is increasing demand for people with facilitation skills at the workplace, and as we march into the future, facilitation will become even more important. Facilitation means turning all that around and using meetings to their highest potential. Every collaboration is a chance to strengthen connections, do meaningful, engaging work and feel heard and valued as part of a team. When you leave a workshop feeling good about yourself and what you do, that can be incredibly transformative. I’ve found this principle one of the most impactful in my personal practice, particularly when it comes to using a facilitative mindset outside of meetings and workshops. All that said, one of the key things I’ve learned as a facilitator is that plans are also made to be changed or even broken.

What does facilitation mean

Whether it’s making every meeting productive or knowing how to handle conflict and empower your group, facilitation is a skill every leader should be developing. Helping a team work together more effectively is one of the guiding stars of facilitation. By design, workshops are collaborative spaces where teams are encouraged to work together towards a common goal. This ability to enable members of an organization to form better connections through careful design, team building activities and facilitated discussions has long lasting effects on how teams interrelate and communicate. Facilitation is a technique used by trainers to help learners acquire, retain, and apply knowledge and skills.

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Make sure it is clear to the group how much time is allocated for each activity. While establishing the ground rules, you also need to determine how any potential disagreements will be dealt with. Doing this also helps foster a sense of ownership among the participants. Make it clear what you expect of the participants and what will not be tolerated, such as criticising others opinions or disrespect for other participants. Whenever people from diverse backgrounds and with diverse perspectives come together, conflict cannot really be avoided.

What does facilitation mean

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They can also be small, with team members adjusting how they communicate with others on Slack or over email. All these things add up to a more collaborative working environment in which people often feel more empowered to do great things. What’s wonderful about facilitation is that the techniques, connections and working patterns you establish in such sessions also translate to future collaborations. Inclusivity can also look like setting ground rules at the beginning of a session to create safety, address power dynamics and move forward with an agreement of how people should treat one another in the space. Facilitators design sessions and activities that encourage every member of a group to participate and feel good while doing so. This can be as simple as using a method such as All to give everyone chance to contribute or as far ranging as creating a culture of idea generation and group decision making.

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